Lash Care International’s Lash & Brow Cleanser is proudly formulated in South Africa and is suitable for all skin types. It is specially designed to maximize eyelash extension retention, effectively remove eye makeup, help treat and prevent blepharitis, and soothe and refresh the eye area.

Our products have earned the trust of lash artists around the world, with a proven track record of success.


Why Customer Love Lash Care International®

Best Cleanser On The Market. Been using this product for quite some time and it never fails. It’s soft and ever so gentle doesn’t leave your eyes or face feeling dry. HIGHLY recommended

Erika50ml Foaming Cleanser

I give these to my clients as part of their after care and they love them! Greatly improves retention, clients say their lashes feel much fluffier after a wash too! I found that one sachet can get 3 washes, it’s concentrated so you really don’t need a lot; a penny sized amount will be enough for both eyes 🙂

Bianca Palmer3ml Gel Sachet

Love this lash cleanser as a pre treatment for lash extensions. No stinging which is great for clients!

Gemma50ml Gel Tube

Amazing lash cleanser the only one I’ve found that doesn’t irritate my skin!

Charlie Sarimanolis50ml Foaming Cleanser

These lash cleansers are amazing. Fantastic to use on the lashes with the brush removes all the build up but doesn’t damage the lash or glue. My clients love using these as part of their morning routine and leaves lashes looking great.

Hayley Mckendry3ml Gel Sachet

I absolutely love this product I have used a couple now and have found this ones cleans the best! I’m in love 

Taylah H.50ml Foaming Cleanser

I actually buy these to retail to my clients in their aftercare kits I make.
It’s to cleanse the lash extensions to keep away oil/bacteria build up.

I use it on myself too! Definitely will be purchasing again, As it’s the best price too!

Wai Ying Wong3ml Gel Sachet

This is such great value for money. I use it for all brow and lash treatments, it dissolves grease and make up and doesn’t make eyes sting.

Lauren @totalbeautylauren

Lauren Deadman50ml Gel Tube